Experience forms the basis for excellent consulting.


Seniority and the business acumen it brings are important to us. At DSMC, experienced consultants will accompany you personally through all stages of your projects. Our consultants have already been working in the business and management sector for many years.


Even though expert information and strategic thinking are important requirements for our work, we believe that only a spark of creativity enables us to view problems from new perspectives. That is why we walk off the beaten path, always thinking in new and unconventional ways. In doing so we find the right business development solution for every business question, no matter how difficult it may be.


We have extensive international experience and work with companies all over Europe. With our offices in Vienna, Basel and Sofia, we can easily carry out cross-border consulting projects. Our business insider views and language skills also enable us to cross national borders. Therefore, the internationality of DSMC allows us to professionally consult you on international business challenges.

Ivo Stoitsov, Senior Executive Partner

An experienced manager and entrepreneur with a strong background in Automotive, Banking & ICT and with more than 20 years of experience at two DAX-30 companies, Ivo Stoitsov is specialized in Strategic Management Consulting, Digitalization and Manufacturing. His know-how, diverse practical experience in designing and implementing optimized business models, transition models (repositioning, transformation and restructuring), process optimization and corporate governance make for a strong resume.

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